Thursday, December 18, 2008

And it had a big bogger in it, but my mom would't let me eat it.

So the other day we are getting ready for church. Ellie just got out of the bath and I was drying her off when I noticed something bluish green way up in her nose. At first I thought it was just conditioner (it was the same color) so I thought no big deal I'll just pinch it out. It was then I noticed that it was a little hard lump and not slimy conditioner. I called Ken to examine the new found color up her nose and he to was a bit puzzled to what it could be. We questioned Ellie what she might have put up her nose and she said nothing at all which usually is a pretty good guess she knows something and does not want to share with us her secrets. After a few minutes of probing tweezers up there we pulled out a tiny little Polly Pocket shoe and nicely tugged up inside was this nasty booger in it. So the day after Ellie is playing with her friend Jasmine and I hear Ellie telling her all about the Polly Shoe with the booger in it and then I hear Ellie say "and it had a big booger in it, but my mom would not let me eat it". I was laughing so hard, I mean what kind of mom am I?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dear Santa

Tonight we took the girls to the mall to see Santa. They were really excited and were on their best behavior, they even let me take a few pictures of them in front of the tree (and no one cried).

Dear Santa,
I would like a Nintendo DS for Christmas because my mom and dad said they are to expensive and they will not buy me one. I would also like a phone, but my mom says NO WAY!! I have been really good this year and have done good in school, I help my mom out alot and try to be nice to my sisters.
Thank you Santa so much, I also want you to know that I still believe.
Love, Maci
Dear Santa,
I think I have been good this year, well today I was really good. I am getting bigger and would like a Barbie house that has three stories and an elevator in it. I also love Barbie and the Diamond Castle stuff. I promise I will share with my sisters and give them more love.
Love, Ellie
Dear Santa,
Presley loves anything that has to do with babies, she is our little mommy and loves to hold and rock her babies. Thanks Santa.
Love, Presley

Monday, December 15, 2008


The other day we got a good snow storm that came through. I was busy running around the house cleaning things up and then noticed that it was really quite inside. Uhmm where can everyone be? Ken and the girls were busy outside making a snow man, poor little snow man he looks a little on the sad side but the girls loved him.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

I know, I know it is almost Christmas and I am finally putting up the Thanksgiving pictures. The last few weeks, ok a few months I just feel so completely swamped. I would like to say "Hi" to my friends and family because I feel so out of the loop lately. UGH where does the time go?

So with out further ado here are some long awaited pictures.

For Thanksgiving we went to Utah and stayed with Ken's side of the family. It was so much fun watching the girls play with all of their cousins, that is one thing that is hard for us is not having all the cousins close by. Ken and I both grew up living close to our cousins and we wish that for the girls.

Now how sad am I? I have no pictures of our Thanksgiving feast that was so good, not even any pictures of that day (pathetic).

The day after we went up to the Ogden area to see my sister and her cute little family. We went to Kent's parents house and hung out with them. I loved it because we went shooting. Kent's family has alot of land and in the backyard we shot some shot guns at clay pigeons.

So I have learned that there better be a grocery store near by with freshly packaged meat because I could not shoot anything if my life depended on it.

Now with that being said these next pictures may scare you.

This is Ken and I shooting our guns and see all those targets in the sand, I would like to lie just a little bit (so play along with me) I hit everyone of those targets. One day maybe I can actually say that.

Back at Kents family's house the girls had so much fun. There is this huge horse pasture in the backyard and the girls got to ride a motorcycle around.

Presley was so cute just walking around and trying not to fall in any horse poop, Grandpa Meador kind-of gave her a lesson to watch out and not step on any.

On Saturday we went to the church for a huge Prestwich side reunion. The kids once again had so much fun running around with all the cousins. They made these adorable ginger bread houses made out of milk cartons and Santa even came to see if they are being naughty or nice.

And my favorite picture of the whole trip is Ellie with her Great Grandma Kenna, who Ellie just fell in love with all over again. The two of them were so cute with each other reading books together and Ellie and Grandma Kenna even pretended to shoot each other (I know it sounds like an awful game to play with you great grandma but it was so cute watching them)

Monday, December 1, 2008


So I have thought alot about this and it just seems safer in today's world. I know it is going to be a pain, I am so sorry. As of January 1st The Sorensen's Party of Five blog will be Private to view. If you would like an invite you can leave your email address in the comments or I am going to set up another email account and you can email me at...

Please don't be shy and email me, I would love to hear from you.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Picture Tag

This was fun to do (thanks Jamie). I went to the fifth folder and then the fifth picture. I was actually a little nervous, who knows what picture it could have been. So I was relieved to find this one of the girls last year Snow Skiing in Cooper Mountain. Sorry you can't see Ellis face, but it brought back good memory's of Ellie's first time snow skiing-she did great! Maci's whole goal when skiing is to get down the mountain the fastest ("No Skills Just Thrills" is Maci's motto)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Nice day for the park

So there is not much to report from the Sorensen family, the weather was so nice today and I am not sure just how many more nice days we will have until the snow comes, so we packed up our lunch, called some friends up and headed to the park today. It was so nice outside the weather was just perfect and the kids had such a good time playing and burning off energy. I loved it because I got to have some "adult conversation" which is hard to come by now days with a house overruned by toddlers and a 7 year old.
Oh, I guess I do have some news to share for those interested in whats going on (No I am not great with child) but I did get a new calling. A few weeks ago our ward went through some changes and we were placed into a different ward than before. We are really excited to be part of a new ward (well new to us) and meet so many wonderful people. I was called to serve in the Primary Presidency as 1st Counselor. This is a different calling for me but I am really excited and feel so blessed to have the opportunity to serve in primary.
Well that about sums it up, nothing to exciting now back to laundry and I smell a dirty diaper.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Friday, October 31, 2008


The cutest little Star Wars people around.

Yes, Maci is under that costume (can you believe it)

see, I told you.

Ellie is showing me how to fight bad people.

Presley is stilling the candy from Toys 'R' Us

How cute is this little Yoda?

Yoda driving her car.

OH, what a fun candy filled day it was today! Maci had a party at her school were she said she ate three, not one, not two but three cupcakes plus all the candy she got today that alone was enough to put her into sugar shock. I took the girls to Toys 'R' Us today they were having a little Costume parade there, if the kids dressed up they gave them a bag full of little goodies with all kinds of stickers coloring books and just fun things for the girls. They had so much fun, I on the other hand needed some Advil and a nap. Grandma and Grandpa Meador came over and the girls got to show off their Star Wars Costumes, they have been so excited for this day to come.
We went Trick or Treating with our friends the Seiperts and had such a good time trying to keep track of all the kids running around. I love Halloween! It is now a little past 10 and I am so ready for bed, Now can someone please tell my kids it is bedtime!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


One of the things I love about fall is the changing color of the leaves, and yes when they fall everyone needs to go outside and play in them.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch last weekend with the girls and had so much fun. We have gone to the same place for three years now and always love it, we get the best pumpkins and the girls get to cut them right off of the vine.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Trip to Utah

This was so funny! We got to Heathers parents house Thursday late afternoon. Her family was so fun to be around and I loved every minute with them. Her dad had gone hunting that day and brought back this bird so I thought I would play a joke on Ken and let him think that I actually shot the bird. Heathers dad to make it look believable gave me his hat, jacket and gun. The only thing is it took me a good 10-15 minutes for me to hold the bird by it's legs. It took a lot of convincing to myself to pose with it for the picture. I know what a baby!!

Presley was so cute holding Mason. My sister Janelle had a baby boy and I got to go and spend the night at their house. He is so cute and Presley loved holding him. When we took him away from her she would get all mad and cry until she would hold him again. Oh, I just love him so much and miss him already.

Mason Scott -he is so good looking

My sister-in law Laura also just recently had a baby girl named Allison and I was lucky enough to get to see her for a few hours. Oh, she is so sweet and precious there is just something about newborn baby's.

Aunt Mellissa (Kens sister) and Nathan (Laura's oldest son who is like a week or two younger than Presley) came up along with Grandma and Grandpa Sorensen it was so much fun to hang out with them and spend time with them. I love and miss them so much.

Presley and Nathan just checking each other out.

Ok, so on the way home, we were just outside of Evanston, Wyoming and the weather was getting pretty rough, we left Utah a day earlier to get ahead of a big storm that was coming. So early Saturday morning we got up and left to go back home. Heather was driving her car and we were going really slow only like 35-40 mph. The roads were really icy and we were just taking our time. Ken just called to see where we were at, and find out about the weather. I was talking to him on the phone when all of a sudden this car from behind us is coming up pretty fast (Heather saw him coming up and saw that they were going fast and just decided it was better to stay in our lane so they could pass us, which they did but not slowing down) The other car hit some ice on the road just as they were next to us and hit us on my side pushing our car off the road and into a ditch. The other car went flying about 60 feet farther down off the road. Some how we spinned in the ditch causing us now to completely face Utah where we just came from. Meanwhile poor Ken is on the phone and hears all of us scream and then the phone goes dead. Ken is freaking out back home and feeling helpless not knowing what just happened. We are all fine, just a little sore and tense. I somehow hit my head pretty good on the car but I am feeling better today. The picture is our car and the cop car is up the road that we were just on. That's how far we went off the road. We are so lucky that it was not worse and grateful that we made it home safe. I have to say that I was pretty scared.

I just got back from Utah yesterday to see some new members of the Meador and Sorensen family. My friend Heather and I both wanted to take a short trip out there to see family and decided to go together to save money and have some company. It was a short trip but I had a good time. I only took Presley with me and that was some fun PJ time. Ken is now worried that each month I will have to take a trip with friends and go places, so any ideas for next months trip?