Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ellie's Rockin Party

Ellie Lynn turned 6 and we partied!!! We had a rock-in good time. So lately Ellie is boy crazy over Justin Bieber and that is all she wanted to do for her Birthday is have everything JB. I am not sure if we could of handled everything JB so we did a Rock Star theme as well and invited him to join us for the celebration. The girls had such a good time and enjoyed every minute of it.

My totally talented friend Valerie made the Rock Star Cake, so yummy!

Ken collected Ellie's favorite rock songs and put them onto a Cd for the girls to take home and listen to.
I tried to get Ken to dress up as Justin but no such luck so we splurged and got him in cardboard instead.

Each of the girls decorated a guitar with glitter stickers and rhinestones. They were a perfect craft for them to do and gave us a break from dancing.

We have "lets dance" on the Wii and the girls loved to turn it up and show us their best dance moves, I have to say Ellie can shake her booty really good.
We had such a great time and feel so blessed that Ellie has such good friends here. I was completely exhausted when the party was over but worth every minute of it.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fort Worth Rodeo

Back in January Ken won tickets to the Fort Worth Rodeo through a local radio station. The girls were so excited they were counting down the days until we could go. Finally the day arrives with a HUGE Dallas snow storm. Now we have lived in Utah and Colorado where we are not strangers to snow, but let me tell you... when it snows in Dallas EVERYTHING SHUTS DOWN! The ice on the roads are so bad you can't drive anywhere, the girls had like no school forever and we all had cabin fever. So with a prayer before we left we headed south for what usally is a 20 minute drive down town.
Our street when we left, now under that freshly fallen snow is inches of ice. Our house sits up at the top of a slight hill and we sat and watched car after car try to get out of our street (anything to do to pass the time).
The front of our house.
While driving around Fort Worth we found this beautiful church, I had to take pictures of it. Presley thought it was a Temple.

The Rodeo had a petting zoo in the frezzing tempiture, we were only out there for two minutes and then we could feel our legs so it was time to head on inside.

So By the looks of the arena when we got there Ken had rented out the whole place just for our family. When we handed our tickets in the lady said we can pick any seat we would like to sit and don't worry about our assigned seats. So What do you do in an emplty arean while waiting for the show??
You make the kids run up and down the stairs until they are tired.
Then you make them sit really still for pictures.
Why not, go ahead stand on the chairs Ellie. Not like anyone is going to stop you.

Once the Rodeo did start we had a great time and loved the show. They actually did a really good job considering their audience was ... well the Sorensen Family.

Ellie turns 6!

Everyone who knows Ellie knows that she beats to her own drum and is so spunky and full of life. She is the most independent self reliant little six year old you will ever meet. She can easily make friends with everyone and carry on a conversation all on her own, she tells you honestly what she thinks and it is usually her way or there is not a way at all. She is also a big tender heart and loves her family more than anything. She is the first to wake up in the mornings and loves to crawl into our bed and snuggle with her daddy. A typical morning at our house will include Ellie coming into our room and telling us "It's morning time, the sun is up"... and then it is quickly followed by "What are we doing today, I hope it is something fun". She is always looking for an adventure and where there is anything fun Ellie will be there and be there first.

Ellie we love you so much. You are getting so big and we are super proud of you and so blessed to have you in our family.

Happy Birthday Ellie Lynn!!!!