Sunday, April 26, 2009


Alot has been going on around the Sorensen house, so here is little of what we have been up to... About a month ago we needed to get out of the house and get away for the weekend. We decided to take the girls and go to Colorado Springs. There is so much to do there is it is simply beautiful there we loved every minute of our time together.

The Cave of the Winds was the girls favorite part of the trip, they loved going inside of the cave and especially liked it when they turned out the lights.

We also went to a Dinosaur Museum up the Mountain a little bit, it was fun but a little disappointing because the fossils were all man made and the museum itself was pretty small, but the girls had a good time.

Easter Weekend

We had a good time just hanging out with family and being lazy, Janelle and Kent came down with little Mason (the girls were so excited to see him) and Jill and Ryan are here so it was nice to have them all close for the holiday. We went to the Hammond's Candy Factory and did a tour of the factory while they made some of their famous hard candy's, the girls loved every minute of this.

After the factory we headed to this chicken place. Now for those of you who know my dad he is always trying to find either the best Bar-B-Que, best hamburger, best fried chicken well lets face it if the place has cars out front and they serve good food chances are my dad knows about it. So we ended up at this place called White Picket Fence or something, this place is huge! They are known for their fried chicken and not only that they had a huge playground out front, a petting zoo, horse rides, ponds, antique stores it had is all, but sorry to say that Babes Fried Chicken in Texas had them beat on the food, it was fun to walk around and take good pictures, but I'll take Babes anyday.

and then Easter day...

Well that should be a good update for now, sorry about the lack of updates on this blog, it seems like it is harder and harder to update things are always so busy and I am to busy hidding the markers from Presley.


Here are a few reasons why it is hard to find time to blog. Presley is into everything, she is by far our busiest child we have. If there is a lock she can undo it, if there is a door she opens it, make-up, dishes, toilet paper nothing is safe around this girl. And yes that is markers on her face and that was the second time she did that in one week, and again she did it yesterday, she must have a secret stash hidden in her diapers because I thought they were all out of her reach. Yea, nothing is safe when Pj is around!