Thursday, January 29, 2009

who wants to play this with me?

I was watching Ellen the other day and this was on her show, I was laughing out loud so hard and want to play this with someone.

oh, turn off the music before you click on the link.

Maci's big Day

On January 3, Maci was baptized. The program was perfect everything was just great. That whole week we were so sick and then that morning Maci threw up all over the entry way in the house. I hate to say it but boy I was glad that week was over. Maci looked so pretty wearing all white, there is just something about that color the cleanliness and purity of it is so special. Maci has such a strong testimony of her Savior and her willingness to be like him amazes me at such a young age. We are so very proud of you and your decision that you have made, We love you Maci.

Funny sister picture.

Ok, Jill I can take a hint. Sorry for the agony I have caused in not seeing any pictures. So this post is for my darling sister.

I love you Jill!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone. I know that I said this blog is going private but I am to lazy right now, so hang on it's coming.

So lets take a look back at the Sorensen house hold this past year. I can honestly say it has been a great year.

Maci started second grade this year, we have had a few rounds with her teacher but that seems to be better now. She is a smart girl who loves to be with friends and family. She loves to ride her new bike she got for her birthday (which she just turned 8 on the 24th). She is looking forward to getting baptized in a few days. She has had alot of daddy daughter dates through out the year which she saw the play High School Musical, she went to a daddy daughter dance, Ken has taken her out to dinner and to movies. I just took her and Ellie to see High School Musical on ice and had a great time. Maci was extremely excited this year because when we went to Disneyland and she was tall enough to go on all the rides. She enjoyed camping in a tent with Grandma and Grandpa Meador and even went to Utah for a few days to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa Sorensen. Alot has happened this year and I love watching her grow. So here is a funny story about Maci. One Sunday we are getting ready for church and Maci comes in and says she has nothing to wear. I am like you have a whole closet full of clothes and you can't find one thing to wear (it sounds like my problem some days) Maci then tells me all of her dresses don't fit they are to small (once again my problem). So I'm a little annoyed this is taking so long for her to get ready and I go in and check out the problem. I pull out dress number 1 try it on I say to her so she does and it so does not fit. Ugh I just bought this (so I thought). I checked the size it was a 6x (Now remember Maci is almost 8. I pull out another dress, size 6x, another dress size 5, another dress size 6. Oh my Goodness Girl would you please stop growing so fast I tell her. Then instantly she starts to cry and says "Mom I don't know how to stop, if I knew how to stay your little girl forever I would".

Ellie is our spunky little three year old who's hobbies include picking on her older and younger sisters and giving her mom and dad a run for their money. She is a funny little girl who all I have to do sometimes is look at her little face and I instantly smile at how darn cute she is. She has recently shown a love to singing and just making up songs as she goes. Ask her to sing and she will stop what she is doing and sing you a tune (well depending on the mood). She has loved nursery and can't wait to be a Sunbeam, she keeps asking when she gets to go to her big girl class. Ellie loves books and wants to be apart of what ever is going on. She went camping this summer and went on the tube behind Grandpas boat. She went to Utah and spent time there with her Grandparents and was so excited to go with out us. She has gone to the beach, rode a Harley and had a friend cut her hair with a Swiss Army pocket knife. Just about every morning this past year our little Ellie would automatically wake up, get out of bed about 5:00am and come into our bed saying "daddy scoot over and hold me" (who needs an alarm clock). Ellie has grown alot this year and continues to bless us with love and patience.

Presley is our youngest and most active. At 18 months this little girl has been into every drawer in our house, reorganized our closet several times, empty out our pantry, found things I did not even know we had and misplaced things more than I care to remember. We call her PJ for Presley Jean and she has a very special spot in her daddy's heart. At times when he is home she will have nothing to do with me, she is the worlds biggest daddy's girl EVER!! She loves to be doing what ever her sisters are doing even if they are playing Rock Band, Presley will want to play also. If you can't find her inside playing, chances are she is out in the garage riding her bike by herself. She is just beginning to say a few words together and she loves to take us by the hand to show us what she is after. Her little personality is coming out and she is such a joy to have around.

Ken is still thankfully employed at White Wave Foods and his current role is Customer Team Manager. We have managed to stay here in Colorado now for almost 4 years with no job transfer. He has had a busy year traveling alot and going away on business trips. On some of those trips he was able to go fly fishing and white water rafting. He says he'd rather stay home and be with us, but I think secretly he likes to be spoiled by fine food and nice hotels. He just got called to be a Webelos leader in our ward and is looking forward to a little "male bonding" with the scouts. He is a great dad to his three girls and a wonderful husband, yes he is a very busy man.

Now it is my turn. Well what can I say my life is GREAT! I feel so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. Towards the beginning of the year my Grandpa W. passed away in Oregon, Ken and I had the opportunity to be there with my family. I enjoyed a trip to California where we stayed with family and friends. I got to see some friends from High School and laughed so hard our sides hurt. I took a girls trip to Texas with a fun and crazy group of ladies (can't wait to go again). I am now serving in the Primary presidency as 1st counselor and learning so much and enjoying the blessings of serving the Lord. I love that I can stay at home with our three beautiful girls. At times it is a challenge and I want to pull my hair out, but I would not trade it for any other job. Looking back on this year I see the blessings that our family has been given and I am so grateful for a Loving Heavenly Father. WE LIVE A GOOD LIFE!

I hope that all of our friends and family have a fabulous 2009, we love to hear from you and we think of you often.


Christmas was great!! I loved every minute of it. The girls were completly spoiled with gifts, junk food and family to love.

We make the girls wait up at the top of the stairs until we turn on the lights on the tree and just check to see if Santa really did come. Maci was up extra early and we made her wait in our bed a little until her sisters woke up. A little later we decided it was time to get Presley and Ellie out of bed, Ken went to get the other girls and there is Ellie looking over the banister to the glorious gifts below with the widest eyes "ohhh daddy look what's down there" Then we hear Maci crying "it's not fair she got to look". Oh, well that is just like Ellie to sneak a peak before she was suppose to.

Maci waiting very excited and patiently to go down stairs.

Ellis was very happy because she already knew what was waiting for her.

Presley did not know what to think, she just wanted to go back to bed. (do you love PJ's bed head?)

SANTA CAME! Maci got her DS that she has wanted. Ellie got the towering dollhouse and Presley of course hit the jackpot with baby stuff.

It was a great morning. I think the mess in the family room just about says it all.
Later that day we went over to my parents house to be with my side of the family, I will have those pictures coming soon.

Maci turned 8!!

Our little girl who is not so little anymore turned 8 years old on December 24. Ken and I often wonder where does the time go? Maci is turning into a very beautiful young lady right before our eyes. She is such a blessing in our family and a great big sister. She has many friends and is very caring, in fact that is one of the many things I love about her is her heart. She is so loving towards people and animals. She is a very sensitive and understanding girl. She will be baptized soon and is really looking forward to her special day. She has a strong testimony and at the age of 8 knows that she is a child of God. We love you so much Maci.