Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Road trip to Texas

Just a bunch of crazy women out to spend their husbands money.
This is "Anne" she was a little to scray to have in the room where we slept (we were a little scared of her)
Heather and Tracy at night giving us a bed time story.
Sam Moons and one of the many finds.
Tacy and Aubony in shook at the prices
The lovley little shack we called home for our stay, it comes complete with Texas size Roaches.
Heather and Tracy
Me, just taking a rest as the truckers pass.

Well I am back from the trip that I was so looking forward to and needed. A few girlfriends and I packed our bags, left the kids and husbands to fend for themselves and headed to the great state of shopping, oh I mean Texas. We had a blast it was so much fun and I had the most amazing time with friends. We started off our adventure at 5:OOam Thursday morning and headed into Oklahoma (sorry for the people of that State there was not much to see) We scaled the Oklahoma sign, got stuck doing that but the honks from the truckers was very encouraging. We arrived in Amarillo and decided to take the scenic route around there, in fact we loved it so much Tracy thought we should drive around for 1 1/2 hours. Let's just say that hwy 287 and hwy 40 is in need of very clear road signage. We finally arrived to our destination of Canton Texas the Best Flea Market ever at midnight. The Next morning we were all set to brace the heat and spend some money (thanks Ken for the dough). We shopped our hearts out and then some. Then on Saturday we headed into Dallas and went to shoppers paradise "inside", I love Sam Moons. That place is crazy! I have never seen so many women snatching up purses, jewelry, hats and more. We spent hours in there squeezing around women. It was worth every little penny. Then we went to JonnyB's and meet Julio who gave us discounted lunch because we are cute. Lets all give a big shout out to Julio.
We did nothing but shop, laugh, cry, shop some more and then sleep for a few hours and then shop some more. Can you tell why we left the husbands and kids at home?
I have told Ken that I am saving my money and we are going back next year with a U-haul trailer.