Friday, June 26, 2009

Presley turned 2!

Presley Jean (PJ) turned two on the 15th. Wow she is getting so big I can't believe how much she has grown right before our eyes. She is talking so much and and tells us all the time what she wants and how she feels. She has no problem letting us know that she is around and loves to get the attention from her daddy. PJ loves, loves, loves books! Books and her blanket are her most prized possessions. She can sit still for hours if someone is reading to her. She loves to be around her big sisters, whatever Maci and Ellie are doing chances are Pj is around trying to do the same thing. She loves her big sisters so much. She also loves to help me out in the kitchen whether we are cooking or unloading the dishes from the dishwasher she is Mommy's little helper. We love her so much and SO glad that she is part of our Eternal family. Happy Birthday PJ

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Messy Green Room

In the messy green family room
There was a telemarketer ringing the telephone
And a crying toddler
because his brother just popped his red balloon
And a picture of--
The cow jumping over the moon (which someone colored on with permanent marker)
And there was a missing
teddy bear, and a girl with
gum in her hair

And one to be scolded
And laundry to be folded
And a very hungry spouse
And something stinky in the house
(that no one else seemed to smell)

And a comb and a brush and a colicky baby who just won't shush
And a frazzled mommy screaming #*%#@

Goodnight messy room
Goodnight scribbled-on moon
Goodnight cow getting out while she can
Goodnight telemarketers and the popped balloon
Goodnight long-gone teddy bear Goodnight cereal bar smeared all over the dining room chair

Goodnight spitup
And goodnight leaky sippy cup
Goodnight much-too-little house and goodnight grumpy spouse
Goodnight comb and goodnight brush
And goodnight to a certain 4-year-old who just needs to hush right now I mean it!

Goodnight Elmo
Goodnight toys we'll pick up tomorrow,
or the next day
Hello chardonnay and TiVo--
"me" time finally.

-Sarah jio

This is so funny. Presley loves, loves the book "Goodnight Moon" we read this book at least 10 times in a week, so when I found this in the Parents Magazine back in November 2008 I saved this little treaseure. I was cleaning out my drawer today and found it, I love it so much. This is me on too many days I would like to admit.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

North Carolina

Last week I took Presley and we headed to my sister Jamie and her family in North Carolina. I instantly fell in love with that state everything was so beautiful and green, I loved the trees everywhere and the southern people are so fun to talk to. It rained and rained and rained, did I mention that it rained? We had a good time just kicking back and doing a whole lot of nothing. It was so relaxing and I loved watching the girls play with each other. My sister's little girl is only four months older than Presley so it was good to see them play and interact with each other. One day we had finally had enough of being in the house and decided to venture out into the rain and go to this Antique store. I love Antiques and it was a bit of a challenge with three little ones, but we had a good time and survived nobody broke anything so it was worth the trip in the pouring rain. Jamie cooked great meals while I did absolute nothing (gee, what kind of sister am I)? The girls played and tried each other shoes on all day long. I think Presley gave Evelyn a little taste of what it is like to have a sister that can take toys from you. It was a great trip and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you guys so much for the fabulous time.

Ellie moment

I have been wanting to post this for some time now... It was about a month ago when Ken was out of town and the girls and I were sitting down eating dinner. Usually when Ken is gone I don't go all out for dinners I try to keep it simple and easy like pancakes, hot dogs, and sandwiches. Well I was kind of getting burnt out and wanted something nice so I made this chicken bake. To me I loved it but my girls not so much. Ellie takes one bite and turns to me and says "Mom this food taste like CRAP"! She spits it out on her plate and then if that was not enough she says "Crap, Crap that all we eat around here". Well I didn't know what to do, I do know that I had a Big wake up call at our house on the things we say and what the girls pick up on.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wacky Dinner

The other night (well it feels like it was the other night) but about a month ago we had a Wacky Dinner. The kids loved it and have been begging to do this more often. So everyone gets to eat with and off of the wackiest things in the kitchen, for example instead of using a fork I had to use a, gosh I don't even know the name of the thing I was using to eat but it was hard to use and I ended up making a huge mess (that was part of the fun). Here are some pictures and this will definitely become a Sorensen tradition at our house.


Tonight Ken is "MIA" and Maci was asking how come I don't like to write on my blog anymore. "Oh that's right I have a blog that has been totally neglected" It has been way to long that I have made a post and there has been so much going on that I don't even know where to start, so my goal is by the end of this week or next I will be all caught up, but please no name calling if I get it done next week or the week after that. It's not that I don't like to write on my blog it is so hard sometimes to find the time (excuses, excuses I know) So with that being said...
School is out! Well it has been for awhile now and I am loving having Maci around more during the days, there are some days that we have nothing planed, you know the lazy days where you do nothing at all except for the last hour right before the hubby comes home and then in that hour you rush to put your bra on (or not) brush your teeth, change out of your sweats, change the kids into clothes because after all it is 4:00 in the afternoon, pick up a few things and then make some yummy dinner up and all is perfect when he comes home. To tell the truth this has happened alot this summer (hehehehe).
The day after school was out we went with my parents to Nebraska's Lake McConaughy to do a little camping.... IN THE RAIN! The only water the boat saw was the buckets of rain that fell on it day after day. But we didn't let a little rain (tons of rain actually) spoil our fun we still had a great time and it was so relaxing. Maci ended up getting sick on the trip and we left a day early but during the time we still managed to roast marshmallow's, laugh, take a ice cold freezing shower, play with kids drive around the little town and get a speeding ticket (sorry dad) and just enjoy the view, it was really pretty there and can't wait to go back when it is a little dryer.

These next picture's are so funny the Lake's water is used for irrigation and the water level is so low that all of the boat ramps are way up on the shores so they were putting the boats in the water by tractor so the trucks won't get stuck in the mud. I have never seen this before and had to take some pictures.