Thursday, July 31, 2008

9 years of Marriage

1 first date

2 houses

3 kids

4 states

5 years of schooling

6 pets (long story)

7 days a week

8 moves

9 wonderful years of marriage

Happy Aniversay to us! Wow 9 years of marriage, The best 9 years of my life. I love you Ken.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Water Rocks

Family time

Sunday afternoon we took the girls to this really cool park close by with a pond. We love feeding the ducks every once in awhile and it was a perfect day. We love going together as a family and having fun. We brought a picnic and a blanket and just sat for hours and talked. Presley was fascinated by the ducks and loved to watch them in the water. It was a perfect Sunday afternoon, we love family time!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Quirky things

Holy smokes, so I have not done the whole blog thing this week and I go to do my usual stocking upon every one's blog and I was tagged again this time from Becky (we go way back and she can probably name some embarrassing moments) anyways- again Yippee this so much fun and it gives all of you some good dirt on me.
So this tag is I have to tell you 6 quirky things about me. Please do not judge me.

1. So I will tell you that I can not eat the ends off of things, I don't know what it is or how it all started but like for example take Hot dogs. I love a good all beef hot dog but will cut off the little ends on both sides (will not eat that part it grosses me out) and then eat the now butchered food, I do the same with bananas, bwrats and other longer shaped edible food. I know it is so weird and it drives Ken nuts.

2. I love a clean house, I will vacuum up to three times a day sometimes. I hate dishes left out on the table or in the sink. I will clean toilets and dust like crazy, but I hate doing the laundry and will wait until we have no clean clothes to wear and then finally Ken will step in and take over.

3. When I go to bed at night I have a ritual and it involves telling Ken that I will see him in the morning, he then say I will see you in my dreams. Sometimes he likes to make me mad and he won't say it or say something different and I get really mad, it then becomes a game and I will not sleep until he says it.

4. It drives me crazy when people park their cars in front of our house and they are not here to see us. I know that is so lame, but it is true. The people across the street always have visitors that never park in front of their house, they park in front of ours. Man after typing that I sound like Aubonys crazy next door neighbors that we make fun of.

5. I'm kind of a food snob. I love the name brand item's and not the private label stuff. Like I LOVE Dryers, and not Private label, I like the real cereal and not the bulk bags stuff. I admit I am trying to be better and develop a cheaper sense of taste, because the private stuff is usually cheaper. I am working on it.

6. I love Hollywood Gossip. When I turn the computer on in the morning I always check the MSN Entertainment section to see what celebs are married, having babies, getting drunk or exposing themselves, I know it's kind-of trashy and who cares, but it is always interesting to me.

Well there you go, that was fun and now I tag Tracy, Cassie, Kori and Jill

Husband Tag

Yippee, I was tagged! This looks really fun because, I love talking about Ken.

Husband tag...
1. What is his name?
well on good days which is all the time I call him Ken, and the girls call him Dad
2. Who eats more?
OH, he does all the way.
3. Who said I love you first?
That question has been a big debate for awhile now.
4. Who is taller?
Ken is
5. Who is smarter?
Lets say he is, but please don't tell him I said that.
6. Who is more sensitive?
oh, that's easy-it's me
7. Who does the laundry?
Ken usually does, I hate laundry, I just brather buy new clothes instead of wash them.
8. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
I do
9. Who pays the bill?
We do bills together
10. Who cooks more?
I do
11. Who is more stubborn?
Ken is by far more stubborn
12. Who is the first to admit they are wrong?
Most of the time it is Ken, because I am hardly ever wrong and oh so humble also.
13. Who has more siblings?
14. Who wears the pants in the family?
I do, but Ken likes to take them off.
15. What do you like to do together?
We are huge Hockey fans, and we love to go out to dinner
16. Who eats more sweets?
I do, Ken is allergic to chocolate
17. Guilty Pleasures?
me, me and more me, j/k he loves a good book and key lime pie, oh and kettle chips
18. How did you meet?
A blind date, Ken's Uncle was my Bishop in Rancho Cucamonga, they set us up.
19. Who purposed?
Ken did, long story, I did not actually see him purpose to me, but he did.
20. What is his best feature?
That's a little personal.
21. What is his best quality?
He has so many but the fact that he loves his family so much and I know that the girls and I are everything to him, he is such a devoted dad and husband.

Well that was fun, thanks Kim. Now I tag Aubony, Kari and Darby

Eating Time

Presley just loves to eat, she will not eat unless we are all eating and she loves to hold a spoon in her hand, she also loves to make a mess while eating. We were eating dinner the other night and she was being so cute, I had to get out the camera and capture the huge mess that she was making. We had little grains of white rice everywhere and then when we changed her that night there were hundreds of little grains all in her diaper, I am still finding rice in the kitchen from her.

Monday, July 14, 2008

R.S. Lesson

I need a break from my R.S. lesson, I have to teach this Sunday and I am just so drained from this lesson. Ken is M.I.A this week so that means the only time I have to prepare is late after the kiddos go to bed. The lesson is on "Words of Hope and Consolation at the Time of Death", Not your fun lets get together and talk about it lesson with out crying. Although I knew this lesson was coming up about a month ago, I just feel I want to be sick on Sunday and not teach it, I much rather blog than study. I would like to say that my testimony of the gospel is so much stronger because of recent events this year, I have changed the way I look at my girls and take every moment I have with them to let them know I love them, and they are children of our Heavenly Father and I feel so blessed to have their sweet spirits in my life. I am so grateful that Ken and I were sealed together in the Temple and that means that my Family will be together forever. (deep breath and let out a sigh) OK, I feel better now that I got that out, well back to preparing.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

This past weekend Kens Boss invited us up to his "little" cabin in Winter Park. We had such a good time relaxing and hanging out. They took us and the kids to this really cool park and we also found a skate park that the girls loved, now Maci wants to go Pro and be a professional scooter rider. I loved it up there and I think Ken should try to relocate us up there and, I found a dream home.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


I must of had a smudge on my lens it looks a little blurry, and don't mind Ellie's grumpy face she was mad because when we got to the park she was told that she had to wait until dark to watch the fireworks, the funny thing is, is when they did start she hid under the blanket with her hands over her ears, oh well what do you do?

Can you tell that Maci has food stuffed in her mouth, she still is so cute.

I hope everyone had a good 4th of July. I love to celebrate the 4th with a good picnic at the park and watch fireworks. Just a little fact- I cry every time when I hear our National Anthem and see fireworks at the same time, I do it every time and Ken just kind-of laughs about it. I love this country and our freedom and it makes me so happy and proud to be an American!


Last Thursday Ken took the day off, so we decided to take the girls to the Denver Zoo. We had such a good time and had so much fun. I love family days when we can all just be together.