Friday, January 7, 2011

Maci turned 10!!!

Maci hit DOUBLE DIGITS! Oh dear, I can't believe I have a 10 year old. She got totally spoiled and got just what she has been begging iPod. Grandma and Grandpa Meador took her on a shopping spree and bought the whole store at Gap (Maci's favorite clothing store) and Grandma and Grandpa bought her a purple docking station (her favorite color) for her new I pod. Along with iTunes GC, books, and Wii games I think the girl was totally happy.

Happy Birthday Maci- We love you so much!!

Thanksgiving 2010

I think I should put up Thanksgiving pictures before I post Christmas, and now that I am finally going through Thanksgiving I wish I would have taken more pictures- Ugh!
We had a great time Kens parents got to come and visit and stay the week with us, we had just barely gotten over Strep throat so the first few days we were all a little under the weather. Once our Antibiotics kicked in we were ready to play. We had such a good time watching movies, going to the movies (we saw Mega Mind) playing at the park down the street and eating, eating and more eating. I was a tad bit lazy when it came to Thanksgiving dinner, I did not bust out my China and pretty centerpieces, instead I opted for paper plates and I have to tell you this may become a new tradition in our house, they looked good and less washing (I know, I don't do paper plates but I gotta tell you I have bought more since that week). Dinner was a hit! Did I mention we ate and ate? Ken did the turkey and it was so good, here comes where I wish I had more pictures because I only took a picture of the turkey. So as far as you can tell that is all we had just turkey, plain turkey- not so, we had homemade green bean casserole (not from soup), spinach salad, monkey bread, grandpa's yummy stuffing and macaroni and cheese (homemade with a oh so yummy topping). Like I said we have no pictures to prove it so I guess we just had turkey.
We also got to see some of my side of the family for a few hours one day and loved seeing them. Overall it was a great week and we loved having Grandma and Grandpa Sorensen come stay with us!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fix and Keeps

I saw this little beauty the other day for $7.00, SCORE!!! A little bit of paint did it wonders and now I have a new coffee table.

Ok so here is the $5.00 headboard that I have been working on. I got it all painted and sanded and then my wonderful father-in law came for Thanksgiving and him and Ken cut out the wood and stapled the fabric and the batting to go on the inside. I think it turned out really well and I love the way it looks.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Craigslist, Love it!!

Shh don't tell anyone but I have a new found love for finding other people's junk and fixing it up. You know how some people will buy old fixer up houses and do some work and then turn around and sell them for more than what they paid for... enter Craigslist. I am so addicted to other peoples junk now. We live by a pretty wealthy area and it is amazing to me what these people will give away. Ken calls my little projects "fix and flip" or I sometimes call them "fix and keep".

The dresser I got for $10.00 and turned around after fixing it up and sold it for over $100.00

This is my new kitchen table I got, it was pretty "ugly" when we got it home and needed some repair really bad. Several hours/days later and I love the way it turned out.

$50.00 hutch... turned around and sold it for a pretty dollar bill (well actually hundreds of them).

$2.75 chairs, keeping these little gems.

Check back in later, I found this $5.00 headboard and completely changed the look of it, so loving it!