Thursday, September 10, 2009

So here's the scoop

Life is just full of surprises, and boy do we have a few to tell. Gee, I don't even know where to start. Ken was laid off of his job at WWF about a month ago, his position was being eliminated at the company-he has not been happy there for awhile and things were a little stressed at the office. He was actually thinking of finding a new job soon but was a little hesitant because of the economy. So his last day of work was September 1, the whole month before that we felt amazingly comforted that everything is going to be just fine. We did not have answers as to where a paycheck was going to come from but we both knew that this was in the Lord's hands and we need to trust in him. We would pray that a job would come up soon and this peace would be with us that it was going to be fine. So his last day was on the 1st and that Wednesday before he left he got this amazing job offer from his old Boss. We knew this is where he is suppose to be. So here is the crazy part, this amazing job opportunity is back in Texas!! So we are packing up and heading out. We loved living in Texas and have always said that we would go back, now we just have to sell out house. Ken just started his new job today at Border Foods Inc. as their Director of Financial Reporting, this is like a "dream job" for him so he is walking around with the biggest smile ever. The girls and I are staying in Colorado until the home sells (keep your fingers crossed it sells soon). We are use to having him gone through out the week because he would travel so much but this is harder. It is a bitter sweet time in our life right now we got use to being close to Utah and that was great because of all the family that is there and also all the great friends and my family that we have here that we will miss, but we are also so excited for this time in our life.
Well there you go, I have already got about 15 boxes packed, I figure that with Ken now basically living in Texas this move is up to me. So here's the quick update on us and now I am off to go pack.
Oh, FYI to my Texas friends the office is located in Farmers Branch, so not to far from our old house. And thank you so much Bob and Valerie you guys are Awesome-love ya guys!!!