Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Picture Tag

This was fun to do (thanks Jamie). I went to the fifth folder and then the fifth picture. I was actually a little nervous, who knows what picture it could have been. So I was relieved to find this one of the girls last year Snow Skiing in Cooper Mountain. Sorry you can't see Ellis face, but it brought back good memory's of Ellie's first time snow skiing-she did great! Maci's whole goal when skiing is to get down the mountain the fastest ("No Skills Just Thrills" is Maci's motto)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Nice day for the park

So there is not much to report from the Sorensen family, the weather was so nice today and I am not sure just how many more nice days we will have until the snow comes, so we packed up our lunch, called some friends up and headed to the park today. It was so nice outside the weather was just perfect and the kids had such a good time playing and burning off energy. I loved it because I got to have some "adult conversation" which is hard to come by now days with a house overruned by toddlers and a 7 year old.
Oh, I guess I do have some news to share for those interested in whats going on (No I am not great with child) but I did get a new calling. A few weeks ago our ward went through some changes and we were placed into a different ward than before. We are really excited to be part of a new ward (well new to us) and meet so many wonderful people. I was called to serve in the Primary Presidency as 1st Counselor. This is a different calling for me but I am really excited and feel so blessed to have the opportunity to serve in primary.
Well that about sums it up, nothing to exciting now back to laundry and I smell a dirty diaper.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008