Friday, February 27, 2009

Ellies surgery

I found this picture taken a little over a year ago (when the doctor pulled them out he said they were the size of walnuts, TWO LARGE WALNUTS TUCKED INTO THAT THROAT).

Yesterday Ellie went into Children's Hospital to have her tonsils and adenoids removed. I am going to back up alittle... About two years ago Ellie started having fainting spells kind of just periodically (mostly when she would throw a fit and cry) she would scream when things were not always her way and then pass out on us. We were told by the pediatrician that this was something called "hold your breath syndrome" and that she would grow out of it. Time went on and this just seemed to be more constant and happening now mostly at night. Ellie several times would wake up from a deep sleep and complain that she can't breath. She would try to catch her breath and then pass out from lack of oxygen. Ken and I were not quit sure what was wrong but we knew that something was not right. During the last few months Ellie's passing out and shortness of breath has just become a common thing in our house, we again took her to the pediatrician and came home with nothing to go on. Then one day Ellie was crying and Ken happened to look down her throat and saw her enormous tonsils. They were HUGE! When we took Ellie into the surgeon's office they were all surprised to see this little girl with these huge monster tonsils blocking the way. So yesterday was the big day we have been waiting for. She was so brave and so little and just so cute going in for her surgery. Ken and I were with her when the put her to sleep and then when she woke up she was so funny. One time she woke up and blew Ken a Kiss and feel back to sleep, another time she wanted a Popsicle and then she wanted mac-n-cheese. They asked her if she wanted to watch a movie and she wanted Spiderman, Spiderman? She has never seen that movie. She had a great day yesterday with no problems she was happy and wanting to play in her room. She spent the night in the Hospital for observation and was bouncing off the walls yesterday. Now today is a little different story, she is a little sore and complaining that her ears hurt, but overall not to bad (keep our fingers crossed).
Ellie in the morning before check in at the Hospital.
Just got dressed in the Hospital pj's, sorry no smile in this picture (she is starting to get a little on the nervous side).
Ellie still out from he "sleeping medicine" the doctors even covered her up in her blanket.

This is just 30 minutes after she woke up, she wanted a slushy.

In her hospital room, just happy as can be on her daddy's lap.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ellie moment

Last night we were about to eat dinner and right before Ellie asks if she can have a Zinger. I very nicely tell her in my "mommy voice" that we are eating in 5 minutes and please put it away and you can have it tomorrow. Just a few seconds later I hear Maci telling on her, "That's not fair Ellie gets to eat a Zinger". I again tell Ellie to put the Zinger away, that still did not work so I went over and grabbed the smashed Zinger out of Ellies hands as she is screaming at the top of her lungs she tells me "Jesus is not happy with you because you made me sad, and Jesus wants us to be happy so I want the Zinger!!!" I am sorry but how can you argue with that, so I let her eat the Zinger. JUST KIDDING, No I did not let her eat the Zinger, she cried and cried and then we had a teaching opportunity about what we can do to make our Savior happy with us. As we sat on the floor of the kitchen I was reminded of the choices that I have made in my life and a sense of peace and comfort came over me and I can honestly say that He is happy.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Our new Addition

Kens been wanting a dog for the kids , but his idea and mine are a little different. If he had his way we would have a really big manly dog like a St. Bernard or something, we both love Boxers but don't really have the yard for one, plus they are so much money. I tend to like the cute tiny lap dogs that don't shed and can just follow the kids around the house.
Well last Friday we took Ellie out on a date with just her and fell in love with this little girl, we were only going to look and not buy, but that face just did it for us. So we ended up taking home Maddie. She is 8 weeks old and a Brussell Griffon. She has not gone potty at all in the house yet but that is probably because she is never set down. The girls love her and Presley is so sweet to her. So not like I already have alot going on we added a puppy to our busy life, but so far she is well worth it.