Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Maci's Pillow

Ken was out of town last week and I need a project to do at night while I sat around and ate chocolate and watched chick flicks. So I decided to make a pillow for Maci's room. I found several pieces of fabric that matches the colors and I picked out 5 different fabrics and two different netting materials to make several circles of different size's and fabric's.
I traced the bottom of jars, candles sticks and cups to get the right circles for each layer.
Then layered all the different circles on top of each other with the netting between some of the circles. I also put a button on top of each circle and and hand stitched around the pillow with purple thread.

Maci is just like her momma and thinks you can never, never have too many pillows.


Rob and Em said...

that is so cute! I wish I was crafty like all you girls!

Gordon, Jamie, Evelyn, Claire and Bonnie said...

I wished we lived closer...then I could bribe you to do all my crafts to make my house as cute as yours!! You do good work!!!