Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ellie's Rockin Party

Ellie Lynn turned 6 and we partied!!! We had a rock-in good time. So lately Ellie is boy crazy over Justin Bieber and that is all she wanted to do for her Birthday is have everything JB. I am not sure if we could of handled everything JB so we did a Rock Star theme as well and invited him to join us for the celebration. The girls had such a good time and enjoyed every minute of it.

My totally talented friend Valerie made the Rock Star Cake, so yummy!

Ken collected Ellie's favorite rock songs and put them onto a Cd for the girls to take home and listen to.
I tried to get Ken to dress up as Justin but no such luck so we splurged and got him in cardboard instead.

Each of the girls decorated a guitar with glitter stickers and rhinestones. They were a perfect craft for them to do and gave us a break from dancing.

We have "lets dance" on the Wii and the girls loved to turn it up and show us their best dance moves, I have to say Ellie can shake her booty really good.
We had such a great time and feel so blessed that Ellie has such good friends here. I was completely exhausted when the party was over but worth every minute of it.


Gordon, Jamie, Evelyn, Claire and Bonnie said...

WOW! What a ROCKIN' PARTY! I can't believe how many kids you had! FUN! Happy Birthday Elster! WE LOVE YOU -even though you have BIEBER FEVER!!! HA HA HA HA!

JRKimball said...

Jen such a cute party! I love it, I love it for Ellie that is. It turned out perfect! Happy Birthday Ellie, kisses.

Unknown said...

YAY JUSTIN BEIRBER!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha! Ekiie is my idol!
It turned out so cute!!!

Unknown said...

Ellie....hahah....cant type

Jen said...

Looks like a great party! Ethan's into "rock band"/"rock music" too--but not JB!

oceanwave said...

I love the cake!

Anonymous said...

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